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RetroRoadster has been selected to exclusively represent the Borrani in France and is the only factory-authorized representative in France for the sale and repair of Borrani products.

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History and Knowhow

On 22th April 1922, Carlo Borrani brings the Rudge-Whitworth international patent to Milan and transforms it into a world standard for technique, style and victory.

These champion wheels catch the eye of a young Enzo Ferrari. After winning the Coppa Acerbo race in Pescara in 1924 with a set of Borrani’s, Enzo decides to engage Borrani as the official supplier for all the cars of his team, thus becoming the most famous client of the workshop.

Since then, the Wheels of Victory, the first to be made of aluminum, have won eight Formula 1 World Championships and 7482 car races worldwide.

In the 50’s there were wheels and there were “Borrani”. Superior build, optimal road holding behavior in extreme racing conditions, customization and a unique style have made the Borrani wheels a symbol of an entire generation of automobile heroes and legends.

The most famous actors have used Borrani wheels in private as well as in the movies. Even James Bond 007 used the « 3-eared knock-off » as a defense weapon in his car pursuit in the movie « Goldfinger ».

True symbols of high-class personality, the Borrani wheels installed on Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo was marked automobile and design history all throughout the golden age of Italian design.

Conceived in the past and remanufactured today with the ancient know-how. A company archive with more than 8433 available and referenced designs is at the service of the classic car owners. It is a unique heritage and ideal starting point for the repair or restoration of classic Borrani wheels.

Borrani classic wire wheels combine important weight reduction and advanced technical features for improved handling, safe road holding and optimal performance.

The 4 Borrani advantages




Rims, hubs and spokes are made of high grade materials.




Unsprung mass is reduced by 25% compared to a steel wheel. Vehicle handling, response and comfort are dramatically improved.




Each classic wheel is tailor-made to your automobile, assembled and centered by hand by experienced craftsmen.




Sporty or elegant, available in painted, polished or chrome plated finish to perfectly complement your classic car’s style.