Retro Roadster - Package Classic Plus

Regardless of the level chosen, all our work is done with the same attention to detail and with respect to the final product.

The options as described are studied and paired to work well together. They are typically reserved to the buyer of a RetroRoadster E-Type and intended to offer a progressively increasing level of performance.


The “Heritage” Package is close to the spirit of the original E-Type, particular attention being paid towards improving reliability, comfort and durability.

Included options:

  • New engine frames (Eiffel-Towers)
  • Reliable cooling circuit with automatically controlled modern fan and silicone hoses
  • Alloy Dunlop calipers and modern brake pads
  • Braided brake hoses with remote bleeding at the rear
  • Electronic ignition, high-performance coil and wiring
  • New wiring harness, modern alternator and battery cut-off switch
  • Halogen lights
  • Bespoke stainless exhaust line
  • Adjustable suspension and hi-spec torsion bars
  • Adjustable dampers front and back
  • Borrani alloy wheels

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