Specialized in the growing and appreciating segment of classic car restorations and more specifically the Jaguar E-Type, RetroRoadster has known a steady and regular growth since it was founded in 2002.

Founded on the principles of elegance, performance, transparence and a pronounced passion for the arts, RetroRoadster managed to build a unique universe which we love to share with our clients.

RetroRoadster’s reputation goes beyond national borders and the international clients prove it.

Recently the company has moved to a new and ultra-modern workshop allowing for future activity growth. Beyond the production facilities, this workshop is also a space for gathering and sharing. The reception area, office and showroom are an integral part of our brand universe and have been conceived to receive our clients in an elegant, warm and convivial space.

RetroRoadster has the objective of becoming the European reference for the restoration of the mythical Jaguar E-Type.

To reach this objective, the company masters all the aspects of the restoration process, internally and in partnership with the best artisans world-wide. Carefully managed, the company is debt-free.

Investors desirous and interested in accompanying this success story will find an open-minded dialogue partner in RetroRoadster.

To own a RetroRoadster classic vehicle is the assurance of owning a “hors pair” vehicle, recognizable at a glance.