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RetroRoadster has been selected to exclusively represent the Borrani in France and is the only factory-authorized representative in France for the sale and repair of Borrani products.

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Borrani remanufactures wire wheels for classic vehicles on the basis of extensive technical archives in house since 1922.

Today the company archives contain more that 8000 drawings. Borrani wheels have equipped – either as original mount or as a manufacturer’s option – the most prestigious automobile brands, such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin.

This cooperation started with the first days of the automobile competition and lasted throughout the golden age of the Italian automobile design. During this period, a large variety of Borrani wheel models were equally available as a dealer supplied option.

Thus, the owners of the classic vehicles of today have the possibility to equip their car with the high-level accessory, attractive and historically correct.