The body

The process begins with the complete tear-down of the car. Every component, every part and every nut and bolt is removed. The objective is to completely strip-down the bodywork.

The parts removed are sorted and evaluated. The parts that don’t meet our strict quality standards are renewed, restored or replaced with reinforced ones according to the situation (Eiffel towers, brakes and radiators are examples of parts we typically discard from the start since they will be replaced).

During this process we will also make a note of any original features or parts we would like to preserve because they carry an important esthetic message or because they have a historic value.

The body is finally stripped of all finish (paint, tar, glue etc) on the outside as well as on the inside and rust-repaired, restored or reinforced as needed, aiming for a better-than-factory condition.

Did you know?
The famous E-Type bonnet is not a single piece, but composed of a multitude of individual components, bolted, welded or glued together. Entirely taken apart during the restoration process we straighten, rework or replace every part as needed. The bonnet is then assembled and adjusted on the car.


The engine frames, or “Eiffel-towers” as they are called in France, are a critical part of the integrity and strength of the car as designed. They will be replaced straight away with reinforced units which will improve road holding significantly.

Several trial fittings are made to ensure that the shell and all panels fit the best possible way and that the continuity of the body lines is respected. When we are satisfied with panel fit, it is the turn of the chrome elements and trim to be tested and adjusted.

The body is again taken apart and it all goes into paint preparation. The Eiffel-towers, the bonnet and major body elements are painted separately, inside and out before being reassembled. Once complete the body is buffed for a perfect finish.

From a technical and mechanical point of view, RetroRoadster proposes multiple options aimed at improving reliability and performance. We will guide and help you choose depending on the use you intend to make of the car.