Retro Roadster - Package Fast Road


As the name implies, a Fast-Road car is intended to be driven fast and in full control. Here the balance between comfort and performance will resolutely favor the latter.

While certainly not a race car, our Fast-Road package has a pronounced sportive character. It will allow you to participate in rallies, track days and generally travel great distances at a performance level well above the original car.

Meant as an addition to the previous two packages, the Fast-Road option, gives birth to a car blending the all-around flexibility of the Heritage Edition and the speed and braking performance of a true sports car.

Included options:

  • A blueprinted and improved engine with forged pistons and special camshafts
  • Externally adjustable front and rear suspension and dampers
  • Modified rear suspension arms
  • Quick-ratio steering rack
  • Premium large diameter disk brakes and alloy calipers
  • Braided stainless hoses and performance pads and brake fluid
  • Bespoke, hand-made tubular stainless exhaust manifold
  • Bespoke, hand-made big-bore stainless exhaust line
  • High performance lighting, rain light and fog lamp options
  • New, hi-spec reinforced engine frames (“Eiffel-towers”)
  • Bespoke 5-speed gearbox conversion
  • Borrani alloy wire- or bi-metal wheels

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