Retro Roadster - Package Gran Tourism


Our “Gran Turismo” E-Type is a car capable to drive fast, in comfort and perfect safety.

The “Gran Turismo” options take the car to the next performance level and are thus intended to be based on a well sorted “Heritage Edition” level car.

Included options:

  • New engine frames (Eiffel-Towers)
  • Modern high-power alternator, with a multi-vee belt kit and alloy pulleys throughout
  • Modern high-torque starter motor
  • Competition crankshaft damper
  • Alloy radiator with integrated fan
  • Silicone cooling and heating hoses
  • Reinforced engine mounts
  • Performance torsion bars and suspension components
  • Alloy 4 piston calipers and premium disks
  • Improved brake servo
  • Borrani alloy wheels

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